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No Tagbacks.

Through the heavy stillness of the winter of 2020–between the conniving cackles of fate and the incessant snores of destiny—a melodious, poetic cry could be heard drifting throughout the storied frozen tundras of Chicagoland; nay—a call. A call that would creep past the ears of most mortals, yet tickled the ambition of our three noble protagonists: Courtney Matthews, Christian George, and Evan Douglas Peters. For ‘tis not Evan’s aggressively diatonic ear-worms nor the crunchy bounce of Courtney’s paradiddles nor even the sex appeal of Christian’s flowing locks that have cemented their legacy in the memories of the masses, but the punky alt-rock byproduct of the cosmic collision of all three. Their quests have no doubt produced battle scars, but they’ve also yielded single releases (No Sheep, .mov, Good Old Days, Misanthropic Old Man), a handful of mind-blowing shows, and an excuse to buy a megaphone on Amazon. Be one with the rhythms of nature and heed the rock show’s call the next time the No Tagbacks boys morph-up at a function near you.

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